World Cerebral Palsy Day - Wednesday 2 October 2013

World CP Day is a global innovation project to change the world for people living with cerebral palsy and their families. It is designed to gather ideas from people around the world and make the best of those ideas a reality.

The project is led by a group of non-profit cerebral palsy charities, and supported by organisations in over 30 countries. We welcome new countries and partner organisations. Find out more in this World CP Day Invitation flyer.

Change My World in 1 Minute

Post an Idea: Each year, people with cerebral palsy, their families and supporters, post an idea for something that would change their world. They have just 1 minute to present the idea – in a video or text – and post it on the World CP Day website from mid-July to 31 October.

On World CP Day, innovation events are held around the world to celebrate and brainstorm ideas for the website. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for event details.

Vote on Ideas: During October, everyone is invited to vote for the ideas that they like the best. A People’s Choice Prize of $500 is awarded to the person whose idea receives the most votes.

Shortlist: In November and December, all the ideas are reviewed by an international panel, including people with cerebral palsy and their families. Three ideas are shortlisted.

Invent It: From January to June, inventors, researchers and creators are invited to create a design or prototype for one of the 3 shortlisted ideas. They compete for a prize pool of $50,000.

Winners: The winners are announced in July and then the website opens for the next campaign.

More details on our FAQ page or download our World Cerebral Palsy Day Key Messages factsheet.

2012 Winners 

The first World CP Day was held in 2012. Over 470 ideas were posted and three shortlisted: a solar-powered wheelchair posted by Alper Sirvan of Turkey, a documentary about Cerebral Palsy in the 21st Century posted by Cindy McCombe Spindler from the USA and a collapsible powered wheelchair posted by DDNSBT.

The major prize winner was a talented team from the University of Virginia (USA), which developed a solar powered wheelchair with retractable panels. View a video of their entry on the World CP Day YouTube channel, or download the brochure [PDF - 1.1 MB] or report [PDF - 516 KB].

On World CP Day 2013, the prototype solar powered wheelchair was presented to a delighted Alper Sirvan in Turkey by Nigar Evgin, General Director of Türkiye Spastik Çocuklar Vakfı. Read her letter of thanks to the President and Committee of World CP Day.

There were also 5 Honourable Mention Awards in the documentary category: Nico Phillips and Peter Fraser (USA and UK), Brian Freel (USA), Mr Jahir Abbas (India), Rhasaan Nichols (USA) and Dr Fatema Jetpurwala (India). Each showcased stories and themes to touch the hearts of the cerebral palsy community around the world. View them in the 2012 Winners Playlist on the World CP Day YouTube channel.

About Cerebral Palsy

There are 17 million people across the world living with cerebral palsy (CP). Another 350 million people are closely connected to a child or adult with CP. It is the most common physical disability in childhood.

CP is a permanent disability that affects movement. Its impact can range from a weakness in one hand, to almost a complete lack of voluntary movement.

It is a complex disability: 1 in 4 children with CP cannot talk, 1 in 3 cannot walk, 1 in 2 have an intellectual disability, 1 in 4 have epilepsy.*

CP is a lifelong disability and there is no known cure.

Download the What is Cerebral Palsy infographic poster (PDF): World version | Australian version.

* Novak I, Hines M,Goldsmith S, Barclay R (2012) Clinical Prognostic Messages from  a Systematic Review on Cerebral Palsy, Pediatrics, 130:5